Hereford Malayalee Association elects new executive team for 2017-2018

HEREFORD Nov 7: At the General body meeting on Saturday 28th October held at Withington Village Hall, Hereford, it was unanimously elected that the same team would carry on for 2017 - 2018 on the Hereford Malayali Association
Executive panel due to the success from previous years holding more than 6 public events and by integrating community to major events in Herefordshire Council.
A press note from the organisation said: "We are glad to present the new executive team for 2017 - 2018.
We appreciate for all the effort from Jobin Varghese and Christy Sebastian last year and wish them all the success for the future. We exclusively welcome our new executive members for this year Binso Francis & Bino Mathew
We hope to have everyone's support and co-operation and together lets all have another great year within this community".